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DR. SARAH CADDY | Corona Virus Update: Is It Safe to Touch My Dog?

Updated: Apr 24

Can my dog or cat’s fur be infected with COVID-19 if an infected human comes in contact with my pet?

One of the UK's top infectious disease experts and veterinarian Dr. Sarah Caddy, joins Rodney & Dr. Karen Becker to provide the latest updates on coronavirus and the safety of our pets. Dr. Caddy explains what we can all do in regards to our pets to help fight the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

With massive, non-stop media conflicting headlines, terrible humans are dumping pets into the streets and/or off at their local shelters. If you know of such a person, please be sure to send them along this vodcast before they make those terrible decisions!

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Dr Sarah Caddy, an infections disease expert from the University of Cambridge, mind-jams with Rodney Habib and Dr Karen Becker about Corona Virus and pets. Discussion centers on the recent, not yet fully investigated, reports of pets contracting COVID019. Dr Caddy shares her thoughts on whether our pets can catch it and if they can spread it, along with her tips for preparedness and managing risk.

Dr. Sarah Caddy, (MA VetMB PhD DACVM MRCVS) is a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow at the MRC-Laboratory of Molecular Biology and the Cambridge Institute for Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Disease (CITIID). She is also a veterinary surgeon with a Diploma from the American College of Veterinary Microbiology. Dr Caddy's studies focus on the interactions between viruses and antibodies.

In this episode:

Can pets get coronavirus? (0.46)

Does touching our dogs pose a risk? (1:50)

Can dogs who go out of the home carry the virus back into the home? (2:45)

Are hand sanitizers adequate for dealing with the virus? (5:49)

Should people be bathing or otherwise disinfecting pets daily? (6:51)

If a person gets infected, what are precautions they should take with their pets? (8:07)

Is there a potential that pets will be removed from homes and put into quarantine? (9:45)

What are your thoughts on the range of ways people are reacting to the virus when it comes to pets? (11:05)

Can cats be hosts to the virus? (12:51)

What advice do you have for pet professionals dealing with large numbers of animals daily?(14:18)

Is there any research going on into how long the virus survives on fur? (15:50)

The virus doesn't like heat; is there a benefit to being out in the sun then? (16:39)

Are more absorbent surfaces less hospitable to the virus? (18:03)

Do we need to take any precautions with food and water bowls?(19:18)

Where did this virus come from and could it jump species? (20:16)

How should we prepare for our pets in case we get infected and hauled off to the hospital? (23:41)

If you were in a high risk profession and still working, would you feel comfortable continuing to take your dog to daycare? (26:10)

What precautions are you taking when out and about? (26:26)

If there are high risk people in the home should we keep the pets away from them? (29:25)

Is there any evidence that our animals can make us ill or that we can make our animals ill? Is there any reason to abandon, surrender, or re-home our pets? (32:05)

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