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  • Rodney & Dr. Becker

LIVE | Essential Oils for Dogs & Cats, Increasing Pet Adoptions, and more...

Are missing nutrients in pet food and boredom changing your cat's behavior? A software that may help shelter dogs find their forever home. Also this week, confusion over essential oils for dogs and cats and what you should and should not be doing, plus much more with Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Becker!

Rodney & Dr. Becker discuss the latest research on nutrition and health in this replay of their weekly Facebook Live in the Inside Scoop. Plus they answer listener questions.

Original LIVE aired 2.14.2021



To watch the full unedited video and take part in the LIVE comments and questions, subscribe to the Inside Scoop (a Planet Paws Supporter Group) on Facebook.


In this episode:

The benefits of video-calling your pets (1:32)

Is "grain-free" food changing cat behavior? (9:05)

The long-term effects of a child's and puppy's diet on their adulthood health (14:35)

Software to help increase & redistribute adoptions at animal shelters (17:28)

Discovering what dogs ate ancestrally through fossilized poop (22:10)

Myths, science, and benefits of using essential oils on dogs and cats (26:40)

Mentioned in this study:

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How to Have a Meaningful Video Chat … With Your Dog

Meaty meals and play stop cats killing wildlife

Childhood diet has lifelong impact

Increasing adoption rates at animal shelters: a two-phase approach to predict length of stay and optimal shelter allocation

Integrative analysis of DNA, macroscopic remains and stable isotopes of dog coprolites to reconstruct community diet

The Science behind Cats and Essential Oils

Essential oils and their components in combating fungal pathogens of animal and human skin gens of animal and human skin

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