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MARIA MENOUNOS | 10 Longevity Pet Tips

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Rodney & Dr. Becker share their top tips with Maria Menounos on how to keep your pets living long and healthy lives.


Entertainment icon, Maria Menounos, took time to mind-jam with Rodney Habib and Dr Karen Becker after they appeared on her podcast, Conversations with Maria. The topic they discussed is one of interest to all pet-lovers: longevity tips. Everyone wants their pets to live their healthiest, longest lives possible! Check out the video to learn what you can do.

Maria Menounos is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and NY Times Best-selling author. She is a well-known TV personality, having hosted on Extra and E!News, and been a correspondent for Today and Access Hollywood. She is an actress, successful business woman, and is the creator and CEO of the podcast series network "After Buzz TV." She also hosts her own podcasts ("Better Together with Maria", "Conversations with Maria").


In this episode:

Tip 1 : Food Quality ( 0:53 ) Tip 2 : Food Supplements ( 2:15 ) Tip 3 : Water Quality ( 3:30 ) Tip 4 : Titer Testing ( 4:35 ) Tip 5 : Lawn Chemicals ( 5:38 ) Tip 6 : Stress Level ( 8:11 ) Tip 7 : Daily Exercise ( 9:55 ) Tip 8 : Weight ( 11:17 ) Tip 9 : Household Cleaners ( 13:33 ) Tip 10 : Hormone Preservation ( 14:02 )

Connect with Maria Menounos:

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Mentioned in this episode:

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