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DEBBIE PHILLIPS-DONALDSON | Why is Feeding "Fresh" Pet Food Dangerous?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

How can 100% of all the ultra-processed pet food companies be 'right' and 100% of all fresh pet food companies be so 'wrong'?

Rodney mind-jams with pet food industry leader, Debbie Phillips-Donaldson, to discuss some of the hot topics and big debates in the pet food industry today.


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Debbie Phillips-Donaldson, Editor in Chief of the Pet Food Industry magazine (WATT Global Media), mind-jams with Rodney Habib to discuss key topics in the pet food industry including: the historical melamine poisonings, law suits against pet food manufacturers, the hype of pet food marketing, the DCM issue, the contrariness surrounding raw pet foods, and the future of the industry.


In this episode:

Phillips-Donaldson goes into what it was like to begin working in the pet food industry at the time of the Melamine Pet Food Recalls (2007), the massive impact the poisonings had on the pet food industry, and how it changed the way consumers looked at pet food. (0:33) She goes on to talk about the law suits taking place in the pet food industry where customers are claiming to have been misled by the pet food manufacturers' marketing techniques, labels, and packaging. (4:50) Discussion turns to the pet-owning consumers' personal responsibility to research and understand what they are feeding, especially in the face of some companies over-doing hype to promote their products. (7:33) Talk turns to the recent issue with grain-free pet food and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs, highlighting the complexity of the issue and the current state of knowledge. Phillips-Donaldson goes into the problem of establishing nutritional guidelines to follow when the cost of doing pet food research is so high, and there is a lack of transparency surrounding it. (12:30) Rodney asks how the DCM speculation has affected pet food sales of grain-free formulas? (22:05) The topic of raw foods comes up regarding its surging growth, yet there being veterinary bias against feeding raw diets and FDA push-back. (24:19) Phillips-Donaldson touches on the future of pet food and what she envisions becoming more and less popular when it comes to commercial pet foods. (36:00) The Pet Food Industry magazine and website are highlighted. (42:29)

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