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AUGIE & STEVE HETTERSCHEIDT | Longevity Secrets of the World's Oldest Golden Retriever

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Dog dad to the world's oldest living Golden Retriever, Steve Hetterscheidt mind-jams with Rodney & Dr. Becker about food, lifestyle choices, and the genetics that may have helped get Augie to 20-years old. Stick around after the interview as Dr. Becker & Rodney discuss some of their insights, as well as the controversy this interview stirred up.


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In this episode:

Augie's Background (0:42)

Did Augie have any prior health issues? (2:47)

What's feeding time for Augie look like? (5:11)

Lifestyle variables and exercise to help longevity (8:20)

Augie's family, social life and beauty sleep (11:05)

Delayed spay/neuter and longevity correlation (17:03)

Augie's popularity & the recent media frenzy (18:15)

Rodney and Karen discuss how DNA plus lifestyle variables help extend longevity (20:00)

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