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DR. DAVID JOCKERS | Coconut Oil, Keto, and Fasting for Dogs

A slew of media sites have been reporting that coconut oil is bad for dogs! Is this true? Ketogenic expert Dr. David Jockers discusses fasting, ketogenic diets, whether coconut oil is good or bad for dogs, and more!



Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Becker mind-jam with world-renown ketogenic expert, Dr. David Jockers about feeding ketogenic diets, coconut oil, fasting, and supporting immune function.

Dr. David Jockers (DNM, DC, MS) is a world-renowned expert in the area of ketosis, fasting, and the ketogenic diet. He is a practicing Doctor of Natural Medicine, functional nutritionist, corrective care chiropractor, and the author of 2 books. He hosts the popular summits: Keto Edge and Fasting Transformation. A sought-after speaker on the topics of ketosis, weight loss, brain health, healing leaky gut, thyroid function, natural detoxification, and disease prevention, he describes himself as on a mission to inspire and empower as many people as possible to reach their full health potential.


In this episode:

Coconut oil: A big giant mistake? (1:40)

Ketogenic Diet: How long is too long? (11:00)

Keto Kibble: Instantly in Ketosis? (18:36)

Fasting: their primal Instinct. (24:00)

Micronutrients for immune function (28:20)

Connect with Dr. David Jockers:






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